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We have extensive experience in designing parts, from the customer’s idea through the 3D model to the implementation of the tooling and the finished product.

The composite company was built with people with experience from the construction of boats, yachts, the aviation industry, the automotive industry, to wind turbine blades. They gained extensive experience all over Europe.


We provide a wide range of services in the production of carbon, glass and kevlar elements. We are able to make elements at the highest level in terms of durability and visuals, also varnished.


We mainly manufacture wheelchair components: carbon TRACK wheel and side panels.


We can make every car element – from the license plate pad to the car seats.


We have experience in the production of cabins for aircraft machines as well as smaller interior elements.


Thanks to advanced method, our elements are almost completely free of air bubbles and the products are lighter and more durable compared to hand-laminated products.

Most of the products are so aesthetic that they do not require varnishing.

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